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Join me to on a journey to regain our freedom via
FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)
The Greatest wealth transfer is happening within the next few years!
Let's enjoy the ride.

What is FIRE?

A way to regain our freedom. By planning to go for extreme savings to generated passive income to pay for our daily expenses. We will have all the time to do anything we want.

  • Decide and Plan
  • 4% Rule
  • Retire Early!

FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It is a method that points us to make a CONSCIOUS DECISION to PLAN a life we wanted. Forget about retiring at 60s, it's too late. We would be too old to enjoy our time.

Conscious decision

Do you really wish to have a simple life, including minimizing your spending so that you can have financial independence earlier? How can you leave with the least expenses?


Are you committed to stick to your plan till you achieve Financial independence?

Pick Your life Plan

Which Plan Would you like?

Most people go with the flow and believes that if we just work and save, one day we will retire when we are old.

But, what if there is a better way?


Spend and enjoy life early

Enjoy Life Early

Buy anything you want now!

Work for life


Save and invest early

Work Hard Early

Buy only necessary items

Enjoy for life

Change Brings Opportunity

When there is a huge Change, it comes with Opportunity

18th Century

Industrial Revolution

Steam Machine was invented.

Mass Production creates wealth.

20th Century

Information Revolution

Computer and Internet allows transfer of Information.

Information brings wealth.

21st Century

Blockchain Revolution

Decentralization and unstoppable public blockchain network let us transfer value.

Control is returned to the mass. People who understand and take action gains wealth.

Greatest Transfer of Wealth is happening...

All Government around the world are printing billions and trillions of fiat currency.

Do you think, there will still be value in fiat currency when it gets into the system?

Here are some Covid relief Packages around the world.

  • USA - $6 Trillion
  • Germany - $825 Billion
  • France - $50 Billion
  • Japan - $274 Billion
  • China - $290 Billion

Dollar is dying

History tells us that all fiat currency will fail. Gold and silver has by far been the only means to store value successfully.

Crypto as a stored value

Bitcoin maybe the new gold where stores value and easily transferable to anyone in the world. Higher rate of return (also comes with higher risk).

How to Gain FIRE?

It’s Easy. But it takes discipline and a bit of sacrifice for a few years.

Step 1: Decide and Plan

1. Ask yourself what are the things that you MUST have? Things that bring you joy.
Recognized that every $1 you spend requires $600 of investment.

Likewise, $600 invested brings us $1 close to FIRE.

[ Monthly Expensive x 12 x 25 = Amt to retire]

For example, if you need $5,000 to stay alive, you will need $5,000x 12 x 25 = 1.5 million to retire.

If can cut down say to $2500, you will need
$2,500 x 12 x 25 = $750,000 instead.

Step 2: Learn and Increase Productivity

Discover the skills that you need to earn as much money as fast as you can. Find the channels to do it. And work hard for it.

Remember that if we can achieve our passive income early, the earlier we have all the time do anything we want.

Step 3: Take Action

Once you have the plan, take action!
Review at least once a month. It will be good for you to have a buddy system where both will keep each other on schedule and motivate each other to gain FIRE early!

Get inspired with people who succeed

The 2 videos shows you the process of people using the fire method and living carefree within years. Both retire early.

Plan to FIRE

Using the excel sheet, you can calculate your FIRE number.

From a FIRE retirement figure of $1.9m, it is possible to reduce it to $953,000 and further speed up with Crypto to $635,000.

How it can be done;

- Change telecom provider.

- Reduce use of aircon which is the major cost of electricity.

- Opt for free entertainment like walk in parks, movie at home.

- Less Taxi and cook at home.

- Biggest move is to rent a place and rent out your house (if that is ever an option). Some families move to a cheaper country. We call it Geoarbitrage.

How to have a nearly 1million investment? Here are 2 tips for you.

1. One item at a time.
Start with the small numbers, for example, Blockfi gives a 6.2% interest on crypto, so to have money to pay for Mobile Bill and Internet Bills, all you can do is to place $9,000 on Blockfi and your monthly bills for these 2 items are settled. As long as Blockfi dont failed as a company, there is a possibility that I do not have to spend time working to pay for these 2 items.

2. New Assets
Learn more about crypto, governments are printing money daily. It is not going to be a good store of value. So, we got to need alternatives like Gold, Silver and Crypto.

Bitcoin has grown from 1c to $7,000 within 10 years. The entire crypto market cap is only about 200billion. Every country is in huge debt.

Companies like Apple and Amazon is worth more than a trillion, if more people recognised Bitcoin as a good store of value and becomes 1 trillion marketing cap, do you think Bitcoin market cap can grow by 10x from 126billion to 1.26 trillion within the next few years?

This means, having a Bitcoin to earn interest may not just bring interest, but the potential to 10x your savings. It can mean that 6btc may bring a passive income of $3,000 with a 6% return annually and if you covert to stable coin, it may bring 8% interest from Nexo.io. However, I foresee the interest rates may reduce over time.

3. Increase Productivity
End of the day, you must invest time and effort to make use of your skills and increase your earning capacity so that you have money to invest. Common people work for their entire life, if you can shorten it to say 10 years. I think its worth it. And with crypto and this opportunity where all bubbles are popping. You may reach FIRE even earlier.

Take Action Now!

I prepared a Fire Plan that you can use to list down your expenses and see how you can support each expense with passive income. A few crypto data and higher interest rates tips and tricks are included to speed up your FIRE goal.

The is 100% FREE to use. Just download and fill in your numbers— Good luck to you!

Join our community. I may share about ways to reach your FIRE goal earlier.

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